Sundy was awarded the “Green Factory” of Hunan Province in 2021

By Published On: January 24th, 2022

On January 18, The Industry and Information Technology department of Hunan Province issued the “Notice of the List of Demonstration Units of Hunan Province’s Green Manufacturing System in 2021”. Hunan Sundy Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the “Green Factory” of Hunan Province.


2021 Hunan Province Green Factory Publicity List


For a long time, Sundy adheres to the development concept of “preventing pollution, continuously reducing waste, providing environmentally friendly products; Saving energy, protecting the environment, and operating a green enterprise pragmatically”, integrates green development throughout the entire process of production, operation and development strategies. Adhere to the road of low-carbon environmental protection, clean production and green manufacturing. Sundy will contribute to the realization of low-carbon development of enterprises and harmonious development of cities through implementing measures such as procurement of environmentally friendly materials, using of low-energy-consumption equipment, research and development of green and low-carbon products, regular internal and external inspections of “three wastes” emissions. A multi-pronged approach is adopted to meet the comprehensive evaluation requirements of green factory infrastructure, management system, energy and resource input, products, environmental emissions and corporate performance to carry out continuous improvement.

Whole view of Sundy Factory


Being awarded the “Green Factory” in Hunan Province in 2021 is an affirmation and recognition of Sundy’s adherence to green production and green manufacturing. In the future, Sundy will continue to thoroughly implement the concept of “green development”, continuously improve the “green factory” evaluation system, accelerate the development of high-tech, high value-added products and service construction of “green technology, intelligent environmental protection, reliability and efficiency”, and strengthen pollution source control. , optimize product structure, improve product quality, build a recycling resource system in the chain-process industry , establish a green and low-carbon development model with a strong demonstration effect in the industry, continue to seize the commanding heights of production technology, and play a leading role in the industry.

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