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SDCHNS636 Carbon Hydrogen Nitrogen And Sulfur Analyzer


It is suitable for the determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur content in samples in the fields of power plant, coal mine, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal chemical, environmental protection, cement, papermaking, geological prospecting, scientific research institutes, solid/hazardous waste, etc.

Stable and reliable operation, cost-effective, simultaneous determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur elements.

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Product description


Powerful and Cost-effective.

1、One set of equipment can complete all the tests of four elements of CHNS, and also support individual tests of a single or multiple elements.

2、CHN analysis is integrated with automatic sample delivery, experiment, and cyclic testing, which can be completely unattended. 36 samples autoloader with optional expanded capacity for up to 72 samples, and samples can be added/replaced during analysis.

3、Sulfur analysis sample loading is by manually, quick and easy to operate, and no complicated mechanical actions.


Full Process Control and High Precision.

1、Sample introduction component adopted air curtain design, it can prevent the air into the furnace. and auxiliary by flow equalize unit to avoid sample splashing when dropping, ensure complete combustion of the sample and the test result is accurate.

2、Equipped high-performance and precision IR sensor to analysis the carbon and hydrogen element, and can monitoring the combustion situation in real time, accurately judge the end of the combustion, effectively shorten the test time and improve the test accuracy.

3、High sensitivity and ultra-low temperature drift diffusion type thermal conductivity cell which with independent and accurate thermostatic control to ensure the thermal conductivity baseline stable.

4、Ultra-low drift infrared cell, just need to carry out one drift correction per day.


Short and Reliable Gas Path

1、Adopted confluence board to integrated the gas path, low dead volume, short gas path and less water vapor residue, accurate and automatic flow control, gas path reliability improved.


Humanized Design, Easy to Operate.

1、Easy and convenient to check the gas tightness, only need to click on the software.

2、The crucible can be replaced from the top, the furnace body is easy to disassemble and assemble, and furnace reagent is easy to replace.

3、Optional high-performance touch screen, with multi-functional retractable and foldable holder.


Low Operating Cost

1、High stability IR sensor can be stabilized in short time. Equipped with a helium throttling device, the helium flow is only 0.05L/min before sample introduced and automatic switch to 0.7L/min after sample dropped, more efficiency than competitor and saving operating cost.


Measuring range:C(0.005%~100%)  H(0.01%~50%)   N(0.01%~50%)    S(0.01%~50%)

Autoloader:CHN: 36/72        S: 1

Analysis time:≤5min

Sample weight:CHN: 75mg~105mg(recommend:100mg)     S: 100mg~300mg (recommend:100mg)

Power supply:220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz, 8.5kW

Repeatability:C≤0.5% H≤0.15%  N≤0.08%   St,ad ≤0.05% (St,d≤1.5%)   ≤0.1%(1.50%<St,d≤4%)   ≤0.2% (St,d>4%)

Combustion-supporting gas:Oxygen, ≥99.99% pure, ≥1MPa

Driving gas:Nitrogen, 99.9% pure, ≥1MPa

Carrier gas:Helium, 99.99% pure, ≥1MPa

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