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SDDH323/313/306 Blast Drying Oven


The Drying Oven can be used to determine moisture content in coal, coke and solid biomass fuel and is applicable to drying, baking, wax melting and heat treatment in laboratory.

Fast temperature rise, accurate temperature control and stable operation.
Sundy Sundy

Product description


①The shell of the oven is made of superior cold-roll steel sheets with beautiful appearance and long life.
②Turbine fan with centrifugal type can make the temperature in the chamber uniform.
③The chamber is made of superior stainless steel with corrosion resistance technology. The interval clapboard is adjustable and it is easy to clean the inside chamber.
④Use air blower with low noise without noise pollution.
⑤Double layer tempered glass with view port, convenient to observe test. Good thermal barrier effect with silicon seal without heat loss.




Temperature Control Range

Room temperature~300℃

Temperature Control Precision


Max. Power

SDDH306: 1.6kW,SDDH313: 2.2kW,SDDH323: 3kW

Power Requirement

AC 220 V(-15%~10%),50/60 Hz

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