SDRPS robotic sample preparation system won the 2021 Hunan Instruments and Meters Industry “Innovative Product Award”

By Published On: January 20th, 2022

On January 18, the 5th Council (Enlarged) Meeting of the 8th Hunan Provincial Instruments and Meters Association was held in Changsha. The SUNDY SDRPS robotic sample preparation system won the “Innovative Product Award”, and Yang Yong, director of the Sundy Solution Center, attended the meeting and took the stage to accept the award.

△ Representative of SUNDY (third from left in the first row) came to the stage to accept the award


The SDRPS robotic sample preparation system, which was launched in 2019, is an upgraded product of the SDPS all-pass sample preparation system. It retains the core sample preparation technologies such as air-penetration®, umbrella spin®, and self-sink®, and changes the sample transfer method to robot arm. It has all the characteristics of the SDPS full-pass sample preparation system, which runs smoothly, no stick and block, good sample representativeness, and more stable operation and convenient maintenance.

△SDRPS robotic sample preparation system


SDRPS robotic sample preparation system was the first to solving the problems of coal sample preparation that peat cannot be sampled and the samples are easily mixed during the sample transfer process, and it is in a leading level in the world. The system can help enterprises to improve the dirty, tired and toilsome situation of sample preparation environment, effectively realize unmanned and automated sample preparation, and ensure the representativeness of samples, eliminate the risk of manual intervention, promote fairness and justice in coal transactions, scientifically control costs, reduce costs and increase benefit.


As of December 31, 2021, SUNDY has successfully signed contracts for SDRPS robotic sample preparation systems with nearly 40 customers, among them, the power plants GMIE Hongguang, HPI Qinbei, HPI Luohuang, Guodian Baoqing, Guoshen Shener, etc. has been put into operation stably.

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