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SDCHN636 Carbon Hydrogen & Nitrogen Analyzer


Sundy SDCHN636 Carbon Hydrogen & Nitrogen Analyzer can be used to determine the carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content in coal,coke,food,solid wastes,soil,fertilizer,etc in the fields of power plant,coal mine,metallurgy,petrochemical industry,steel factory environmental industry and so on.

Stackable auto loader, 36 samples per layer,2 layers with 72 samples available
Sundy Sundy

Product description


High Automation.

①Autoloader with 36 positions(72 optional),samples can be added or replaced in the process of testing.

②Automatic sample introduction and testing,realize to work unattended.


Short Thermostatic Time and High Test Efficiency.

①Independent and accurate thermostatic control for analyzer and sensor unit,thermostatic time only need 90 minutes.


High Precision.

①Sample introduction component adopted air curtain design,it can prevent the air into the furnace.and auxiliary by flow equalize unit,guarantee the sample combustion completed,avoid sample splashing when drop,ensure the test result is accurate.

②Adopted high-performance and precision IR sensor to testing the carbon and hydrogen element,and monitoring the combustion situation in real time,competently assess the combustion completion,shorten the test time and obtain a high precision test result.

③With high sensitivity and ultra low temperature drift diffusion type thermal conductivity cell,independent and accurate thermostatic control,ensure the thermal conductivity baseline stable.


Short and Reliable Gas Path.

①Adopted confluence board to integrated the gas path,low dead volume,short gas path and less water vapor residue,accurate and automatic flow control,gas path reliability improved.


Humanized Design, Easy to Operate.

①Easy and convenient to check the air tightness, operators only need to click on the software.

②Replace the crucible from the top of the analyzer,easy to change the furnace reagent and disassemble the furnace body.


Low Operation Cost.

①High stability IR sensor can get stability in short time,adopted throttling device,the helium consumption is only 0.7L/min during sample testing and 0.05L/min at other time.more efficiency than competitor and saving operation cost.


Description SDCHN636
Measuring Range C(0.005%~100%) H(0.01%~50%) N(0.01%~50%)
Reproducibility Cd≤1.00%    Hd≤0.25%        Nd≤0.15%
Repeatability Cad≤0.5%    Had≤0.15%       Nad ≤ 0.08%
Auto loader 36/72 Samples
Analysis time ≤5min/Sample
Sample Mass 75~105mg(Recommended:100mg)
Analysis Method CH:Infrared Absorption N:Thermal Conduction
Combustion Supporting Gas Oxygen Purity:≥99.5% Pressure:≥1MPa
Carrier Gas Helium Purity:≥99.99% Pressure:≥1MPa
Driving Gas Nitrogen / Dry Compressed Air Pressure:≥1MPa
Preheating Time <2.5hour
Sample Adding/Replacing Function Available
Auto Analysis Yes
Crucible Replacing Automatic
Furnace Temperature Combination Furnace,950℃±5℃ Reduction Furnace:700℃±5℃
Air Tightness Detection Automatic
Humidity 20%to 85%, non-condensing
Ambient Temperature 15 ℃ to 28℃
Power requirement AC 220 V(-15%~10%)50/60Hz
Max.Power 4.5kW
Dimensions 710*650*1045mm
Weight 140kg
Advance Calculation Yes
Analysis Report Yes
Statistics Report Yes
System Monitor Yes
Standards ISO 16634, ISO 16948, ISO 29541,ISO 609,ASTM D5373, ASTM D5291,   GB/T 30728, GB/T 30733, AS 1038.6.4, UNI 15104, UNI CEN/TS 15407
Options SDCH636,SDC636,SDH636,SDN636

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