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SDS-V Coulomb Sulfur Analyzer


SDS-V Coulomb Sulfur Analyzer can be used to determine the total sulfur content in combustibles such as coal, coke, petroleum and other solid biomass fuels in the field of power plant, coal mining, cement & steel company, environmental industry.

Test reliable, cost-effective.
Sundy Sundy

Product description


①Optimized system design, complete sample combustion, full electrolysis of generated gases and thorough integration ensure accurate results.
②The integrated systems are pre-configured with hardware which can avoid errors with software integration effectively,  More accurate and reliable results are delivered.
③Electrolytic cell location device and dilated and thickened platinum electrode plates ensure unanimous agitation and accurate test results.
④Reliable air pump adopted, longer lifetime and lower maintenance frequency can be obtained.
⑤Strong data processing capability by easy to use Windows-based software.
⑥Capable of connecting with network and balance by RS232 interface.
⑦With Ethernet communication technology, one PC controls several analyzers.



Description SDS-V
Test Method Coulomb Titration
Sulfur Determination Range 0.01% – 40%
Standards ISO20336,GB/T 214-2007
Sulfur Resolution 0.001%
Analysis Time/sample 3 ~ 6min
Preheating Time ≤30min
Max. Quantity of sample 1
Sample Weight 10 – 110mg(50±5mg Recommended)
Furnace Temp 1150℃(coal), 900℃(oil) ,1190℃(cement)
Heating Elements Silicon Carbide
Temp. Control Precision ±2.5℃
Temperature Sensor Thermocouple
Power Requirement AC 220V(-15% ~ 10%)50/60Hz
Max. Power 3.5kW
Gas Requirement Air
Gas pressure 14 to 45psig (1 to 3 bar)
Sample Introduction and Discarding Manual
Gas Flow Checking Rotor flow meter adopted Gas flow by visual check
Chemical Reagents KI、KBr、Glacial acetic
Humidity ≤85%
Ambient Temperature ≤40℃
Operational Control Windows®-based software on external PC
Operation Cost Lower cost Desiccant: allochroic silicagel
Dimensions 680*520*395mm
Weight 78kg
Advance Calculation Yes
Analysis Report Yes
Statistics Report Yes
System Monitor Yes

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