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SDHFCS1000 High-Frequency Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer


It is suitable for the determination of carbon and sulfur content in ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, alloy steel and other metal materials and ore, soil, battery materials, nuclear materials, titanium dioxide and other non-metallic materials.

Fast, accurate and reliable full measuring range automatic analysis, automatically determine the results of blind sample, obtain the results of high and low carbon/sulfur from one analysis run.
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Product description

Standard Configuration

Dimensions: 690mm*550mm*800mm

Weight: approx. 80kg



1. High Intelligence

①The results of high/low carbon and high/low sulfur can be obtained at the same time. Support blind sample testing, the result is automatically judged, testing efficiency improved.

②Automatic alarm: when the channel parameters are changed, the setting conditions are wrong, the sample is not analyzed, the standard sample is not selected, the communication is abnormal, etc., the relevant alarm signal can be displayed.

③Support networking management and data sharing.


2. Full Measuring Range, Easily Adaptable to Customer Requirements  

①Adopted dual IR cells (carbon cell, low sulfur cell) to expand the measuring range of high and low carbon analysis, so that the analysis accuracy of ultra-low carbon up to ±0.2ppm.

②Full measuring range, from 0.00001% to 99.99%, easily adaptable to customer requirements.

③Unique “linearization” mathematical model: non-segmented and no inflection point compensation, so that the instrument has an almost ideal linearity.

④Automatic correction function (single point, linear): whether single point or multiple points, the data can be automatically selected to realize automatic correction in the true sense.


3. Large Power Combustion

①The largest power combustion furnace in China, using the latest generation of high-frequency component modules, overall modularization, stable output, low failure rate, easy to burning the refractory samples.

②Double air cooling circulation system in the component area of the high-frequency furnace, low noise, high efficiency, and excellent cooling effect.

③The surface of the high-frequency induction coil is coated with special materials, which has high induction efficiency, long life of the high-frequency oscillation tube, and the power does not decay in long-term use.


4. High Frequency Radiation Shielding Technology

①The high-frequency radiation shielding function decreases harm to human body from radiation.

②The high-frequency magnetic field has little interference to the infrared circuit board, and the test data is more accurate, especially for the measurement of ultra-low carbon and sulfur, which can effectively improve the accuracy.


5. Intelligent Hibernation and Self-protection

①After the analyzer is idle for a certain time, the software automatically disconnects from the analyzer. Effectively save energy, reduce the loss of components, and extend the service life of the instrument.

②The high-frequency furnace unit is controlled separately from the power supply of the analyzer. The analyzer can be kept power on for a long time to ensure the stability of the infrared cells. The high-frequency furnace can be stabilized after 15 minutes of preheating, which shortens the stabilization time of the instrument.


6. Rapid Analysis and Intelligent Dust Removal

①The whole process of sample analysis only takes 35 seconds.

②Integrating dust brushing, dust exhausting, and dust collection, dual-zone synchronous type and copper brush cyclone dust removal device: dust removal and sample analysis are performed simultaneously, and can be controlled manually to achieve ultra-low sulfur and high-precision analysis that is not affected by dust.

③High pressure cyclone synchronous dust removal, with automatic dust discharge and dust accumulation function: it is cleaned after each sample analyzed to minimize the influence of dust on the results.


7. Stable and Reliable Gas Path, Low Operating Cost

①Adopted high-precision gas flow controller to automatically control the gas flow without being affected by external factors such as environment, temperature and pressure.

②Ultra-microporous metal dust filter (0.5 micron), integrally sintered and molded, can be used for a long time without ultrasonic cleaning, effectively reducing the operating cost.

ce body is easy to disassemble and assemble, and furnace reagent is easy to replace.

③Optional high-performance touch screen, with multi-functional retractable and foldable holder.



Description SDHFCS1000
Measuring Range low carbon: 0.00001-0.3% high carbon: 0.1-99.99% low sulfur:0.00001-0.3% high sulfur: 0.1-99.99% (1or 2 IR cells per element)
Sensitivity carbon: 0.00001% or RSD≤0.5% sulfur: 0.00001% or RSD≤1%
Repeatability compliance with standard
Analysis time 25~99s adjustable, normal 35s
Sample weight 0.05-1.0g
Power supply AC 220V  ±5% 50Hz
Combustion temperature Max. 2000℃
Standard ISO 9556 ,ISO 4935,ISO 15350,ASTM E1019,ASTM E1941,GB/T 20123,JJG 395

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