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SDHCW400*260 Humid Coal Hammer Crusher


SDHCW humid coal hammer crusher is designed to continuously crush the materials with high moisture into analytical size. It is widely used in power industry, coal, chemical processing, me

Sundy Sundy

Product description

①Good adaptability for high moisture materials, no blockage, few loss of moisture.
②Unique design for high moisture materials, equip the cleaning machine in the feeding hopper to avoid blockage.
③High efficiency of crushing and discharging.
④Creative sealed type crushing chamber, few loss of moisture.
⑤Easy operation, maintenance and clearance, safe and reliable.
⑥Creative drawer type sieve plate can be replaced easily without opening crushing chamber.
⑦All driving parts are equipped with protection facilities, meet the safety requirements.
⑧High strength of special materials “65Mn material” for the hammer head.
⑨High sample representativeness, no mixing of samples.
⑩No storage space for coal samples inside of the crushing chamber, the adhered matter can be removed .
⑪Balance the feeding and discarding of the coal samples of each batch.
⑫Reserved port for dust removing.



Feed Size (mm)


Discharge Size (mm)

≤6  or ≤13

Productivity (kg/h)


Power Requirement(V)

AC 380V

Max. Power(kW)


Weight (kg)




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