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SDAF1600b Ash Fusion Tester


SDAF1600b Ash Fusion Tester can be used to determine the ash fusibility of coal and coke ash, biomass ash, solid wastes ash. It is widely used in power plant, coal industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, environmental protection, cement industry, paper manufacturing, geological exploration, and institutes.

Dimensions: 550mm*850mm*843mm


Sundy Sundy

Product description

16 samples can be placed at one time.

With active fill light camera, the sample is applicable to a wider range.

Three-dimensional stereo imaging, the image of the ash cone change process is more realistic and the whole process is visible.

The original smoke removal technology makes the quartz light window without user maintenance.

Heating the quartz plate can reduce the adhesion of water vapor on the quartz plate, and the image is clearer.

The furnace mouth is sealed with a high temperature sealing ring, which effectively ensures the stability of the experimental atmosphere.

Equipped with a ash cone bracket placement position, which is more convenient to use.

Combustion tube stress homogenization, greatly extending the service life.


High automation, high test efficiently

1、Unique automatic sample loader. Operator only need to take it from the loader under room temperature.

2、16 sample positions. Fully automatic, test time less than 3 hours per batch.

3、temperature up to1600℃, applicable to different test atmosphere and samples.


Optimized design, low operation cost.

1、Designed for both coal and biofuel test. Except coal test, we also equip sample making mould and crucible for ash fusion test of biofuel.

2、CE certified high definition camera and radiator reduce heat radiation and realize vivid picture and long service life.

3、Single layer design for graphite cup increase utilization efficiency of graphite and bituminous coal. Test atmosphere in furnace is ensured.

4、Anti-overflow slot in ash cone support can store spilled ash cone and prevent ash cone stick with the plate.

5、Furnace adopts heat resistant and heat insulation material. Imported material for combustion tube and sample boat.

6、Heating element by silicon molybdenum rod, resist to high temperature (max. temperature 1800℃), antioxidation and low aging.


Real time monitoring, precise and accurate result.

1、The whole process of the experiment is monitored and recorded in real time, deformationtemperaturecan be automatically determined by the image processing algorithm of the software.

2、Manual observing and camera recording at same port. Good air tightness and low gas consumption.

3、Gas leakage detection and alarm function make the instrument safe and reliable.


Smart control, easy to operate.

1、Friendly interface, easy operation, real time display of image and data; All data can be stored, printed and uploaded.

2、Windows-based operation system for automated testing.

3、Multi-control with serial communication.

4、Balance connection and data transfer with RS232 serial port.






ISO 540,ASTM D1857/D1857M/E935/935M,
GB/T 219, GB/T 30726, AS 1038-1995,BS 1060-1995,UNI CEN/TS 15370

Sample loader 16 sample position

Temperature Ramp Rate

From 4°C until 20 °C per minutes, adjustable

Image Collection

1 frame per 1°C

Image Resolution

1280 x 1024 pixels

Temperature display

 °C / °F

Reducing Gas

CO + CO2 / H2 +  CO2

Standard Calibration

Nickel, Gold, Palladium, and Dextrin Powder

Temperature Control Range

Room temperature to 1600℃

Testing time

≦3 hours/ per batch(9 samples)



Temperature Control Precision


Test Atmosphere

Oxidizing atmosphere

Weak reducing atmosphere

Power Source

AC 220 V(-15%~10%),50/60 Hz





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