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SDAP3000 Arsenic and Phosphorus Analyzer


It is suitable for the determination of arsenic and phosphorus content in coal sample.

Sundy Sundy

Product description

Standard  Configuration

Muffle furnace, graphite heating plate, ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer, limiter rack

Limiter rack dimension: 920mm*185mm*450mm



①.Using spectrophotometry, a set of equipment can be used for the determination of arsenic and phosphorus, low cost, accurate and reliable test results.

②. Using quartz material, no arsenic interference, no gas leakage risk.

③. Limiter rack: It’s made of corrosion-resistant materia, ensure the stability and reliability of the glass arsenic analyzer during the experiment, and the appearance is atmospheric.

④. Supporting calculation software: a software specially designed to solve calculation and statistical problems. Concentration data from the spectrophotometer can be imported to the software. The sample weight data can be entered directly from the weighing manager to achieve one-click calculation of arsenic and phosphorus content results. It can also be associated with a fluorine and chlorine analyzer. Additionally, there is an export all data function of fluorine, chlorine, mercury, arsenic, and phosphorus of coal samples according to customer requirements. It has the functions of printing reports, data storage, and querying historical data etc.



Description SDAP3000
Arsenic measuring range 0.1~1000ppm
Arsenic repeatability <6ppm: 1ppm 6~20ppm(including 20ppm): 2ppm 20~60ppm: 3ppm >60ppm: 10ppm
Phosphorus measuring range 0~1%
Phosphorus repeatability <0.02%: 0.002 (absolute) ≥0.02%: <10% (relative)
Standards ISO 622,ISO 11723,GB/T216,GB/T3058

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