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SDTGA6000 Thermogravimetric Analyzer (Proximate Analyzer)


SDTGA6000 can be used to determine the moisture, ash and volatile matter as well as calculation of fixed carbon and calorific value in coal, coke, calcined petrol coke and other solid biomass fuel.

Dual Furnaces,stable performance, accurate test result.
19 samples+1 blank sample for moisture & ash; 25 samples+1 blank sample for volatile matter
Sundy Sundy

Product description


①Dual furnaces structure, the system consists of two parts, one for moisture and ash analysis, other for volatile matter analysis.
②For moisture and ash analysis, 19 samples can be loaded once + 1 blank sample position;
③For volatile matter analysis, vertical furnace structure is adopted with 26 positions. Upper part for high temperature volatile matter test while lower part for low temperature cooling and weighing, makes the test result more accurate and test efficiency greatly improved.
④Flexible software design, test procedure, analysis time, temperature etc. can be customized;
⑤Unique sample weighing mode, single sample weighing and batch sample weighing are both available, makes the operation convenient.
⑥After finishing the moisture and ash test, furnace cover will be opened automatically for furnace cooling down, thus to shorten the waiting time for next batch of test, makes the operation safe and efficient;
⑦LED displays on both furnaces to show real-time balance weight data, it makes the sample weighing more convenient.
⑧Automatic temperature calibration function is available.

⑨Unique design to ensure the stability of heating element.

⑩High Stability and Reliability.

⑪Patented technology of heat-resistant to ensure stability and reliability.

⑫Built-in balance ensures unbeatable accuracy, comply with thermogravimetric method.

⑬Using blank crucible to calibrate the influence of the thermal buoyancy.




SDTGA6000 (include SDTGA6000A and SDTGA6000V)

Test index

Moisture, ash ,volatile matter and  LOI

Continuous test in batches



ISO 17246, ISO 18123/18122/18134, ISO 11722, ISO 1171,ISO 562,ASTM D3173/D3174/D3175/D7582,  GB/T 30732, GB/T 212


0.02% RSD


 Dual furnaces, one for moisture and ash, one for volatile matter

Furnace temperature

Room temperature~1000℃

Temperature control precision


Temperature resolution



Ash: 0.30% (<15.00%); 0.50% (15.00~30.00%); 0.70% (>30.00%)Volatile matter: 0.50% (<20.00%); 1.00% (20.00~40.00%); 1.50% (>40.00%)

Cooling time required for batches of test


Furnace Cooling (forced air/N2)

950 to 500°C<30 min

Balance Resolution


Sample introduction and taking


Max. Samples

19 samples + 1 blank sample position (Moisture & Ash)

25 samples + 1 blank sample position (Volatile matter)

Quantity of sample / test time:

Full indexes for 19 samples< 120 min (Quick method)

Sample weight

0.5 up to 5g

Max. power

4kW for moisture/ash testing; 2.5kW for volatile matter testing



Furnace Heating

Resistance Wound

Temperature Calibration

Standard thermocouple

Temp. control precision

±2℃ (moisture) ±5℃ (ash, volatile matter)

Gas Flow Rate

GB:Moisture:Nitrogen,30~60 times/h Ash:Air 60~120 times/h ASTM:Moisture:Nitrogen or Air 2~4(Furnace Volume /min)volatile matter:Nitrogen 2~4(Furnace Volume /min)

Power requirement

AC 220 V(±10%),50 / 60Hz

Gas requirement

Nitrogen/Oxygen/Compressed Air

Gas Pressure

Air 5 to 6 bar (75 to 90 psi)

Minimum Gas Purity

Air/Nitrogen/Oxygen 99.5%; dry, oil-free

Sample weighing

Under normal temp.

Test Temperature

Moisture 105℃,Ash 815℃,Volatile matter 920℃~950℃ Can be customized




moisture& ash analyzer: 550*590*530mm       volatile matter analyzer: 550*650*815mm


moisture& ash analyzer: 70kg      volatile matter analyzer: 95kg

Operational Control

Windows®-based software on external PC/Windows7/ WindowsXP

Advance Calculation


Analysis Report


Statistics Report


System Monitor


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