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SDIAS Intelligent Analysing System Series


Unattended, intelligent operation. The whole process is visible, and the results are more controllable, reliable and traceable. Modular components, parallel and redundant design, the system is efficient, stable and reliable.

Sundy Sundy

Product description


  1. Unattended intelligent operation

① Intelligent control, one-key operation, the system automatically completes the analysis of the calorific value, analysis moisture, ash, volatile matter, total sulfur, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen.

② It can seamlessly connect with the pre-level systems such as automatic sample preparation system and pneumatic transmission system, so as to truly realize the automatic operation of the whole process of sampling, sample preparation, transportation, storage and analysis.

③ Crucibles can be automatically cleaned ,burned, and recycled, which truly realizes the whole process without human intervention.

④ Fully automatic weighing, no need to manually transfer and clean the weighing device and sample transfer device during the whole test process.

⑤ With intelligent reminder function (test start / end reminder, fault reminder, directional push), it can be unattended and just need to inspection timely(need to connect with internet).

  1. Whole process is visible, and the results are accurate, controllable, reliable and traceable.

① Sample weighing simulates the classic manual weighing method and process. The sample bottle is shaken multiple times and the spoon is scooped multiple times, which effectively guarantees the representativeness and accuracy of weighing.

② Adopt Sundy’s mature instruments as sub-modules, the test results have been verified for many years.

③ Partition isolation, built-in constant temperature and humidity system, and smoke exhaust system to ensure a good working environment for the instruments.

④ The test process isolates people from contact with the samples, crucibles, weighing device, and instruments, thereby preventing human intervention and fraud.

⑤ The visual design can observe and monitor the whole process, which is more controllable, credible and traceable.

  1. Modular components, parallel and redundant design, the system is efficient, stable and reliable.

①Multiple instruments work in parallel, and the full index analysis of up to 50 samples can be completed in 5.5 hours, and more than 60 samples in 8 hours.

②Equipped with professional robots and mature dual-manipulator device, partitioned parallel operation, high efficiency with stable.

③ Modular redundancy design, and the failure of a single module does not affect the whole system operation, ensuring the effective output of test results.

④ The main instruments can be automatically and manually operated, effectively protecting the user’s investment.

  1. High environmental adaptability, no need to built a new laboratory.

① Whole modular design, the system can flexibly configure the quantity and type of instruments according to user requirements, to meet the needs of users in different industries.

② The system has high integration, small size, length, width and height of 6.1m* 4.6m*2.5m, with maintenance and operation space, three sides can be against the wall, and ordinary rooms can accommodate the system.

③ Modular design, modular disassembly and assembly, can meet the installation needs of any floor, without the need for new laboratory.

  1. Safe and convenient maintenance.

① It has the function of detecting illegal entry in the robot area, and automatically stops to avoid personal injury。

② With robot collision protection function to avoid equipment damage.

③ The system can be paused / resumed at any time, and the damaged module can be used online at any time after repair.

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