• Lugu(2011-)▏New starting point
    • 2018
      Invested about 10 million RMB to launch SAP system(ERP&CRM),further enhance and solidify management capabilities
      to improve overall experience for customer.
    • 2017

      Established a holding subsidiary, Hunan Sande Yingtai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.,
      focusing on solid/dangerous waste laboratory lifecycle management solutions;

      Introduced a new generation of (all-pass sample)-transmission (pneumatic transmission)-storage (automatic check) system.

    • 2016Completion of strategic layout (geographical, group distribution), experience accumulation, delivery
      projects are unattended, normal operation, and have full access to the market.
    • 2015Introduce the U4 system, the fourth-generation fuel full-process management and control solution with objective,
      real and reliable data and unmanned operation as the main feature.
    • 2014Introduced an infrared fixed sulfur analyzer with a maximum of 50 disposable stakeouts;
      The successful development can be applied to any intelligent sample preparation system with moisture
      content coal sample, and the whole process of sample preparation can be unattended;
    • 2013The successful development of a calorimeter with a test time of less than 9 minutes marks the time when
      the Chinese calorific value analysis time has entered the single digit era;
    • 2012Launched a full range of sample preparation equipment, environmental sample preparation dust removal system,
      coal-fired intelligent expert control system to carry out a large number of innovative design in the
      environmental protection, operation safety and comfort of the sample preparation, in order to create
      a humanized sample preparation experience and a comfortable working environment;
    • 2011Developed a highly efficient ash fusibility tester (a single batch can be staked 9 times);
  • Xiangyi Road(1998-2010)▏Growing up in the turbulent years
    • 2010Successfully developed a fully automatic infrared sulfur analyzer;
    • 2009
      Developed a fully automatic carbon and nitrogen element analyzer that can automatically replace the crucible;
      The invention can test a fully automatic moisture tester capable of testing coke, coal φ13, φ6 total moisture;
    • 2008 Inventing a fully automated industrial analyzer that can be tested in parallel and batch tested without waiting for cooling;
    • 2007 Introduced a Coulometric sulfur analyzer that automatically adjusts the gas flow in real time;
    • 2006
      Invented the isothermal technology with various points of the spiral tube, and introduced a
      constant temperature calorimeter that is not affected by the environment and has a test time <11 min;
      Successfully developed a single batch test sample of 18 moisture testers;
    • 2003 Creatively introduce an automated industrial analyzer with a streamlined operation;
    • 2002
      Invented the automatic Coulomb sulfur analyzer, the work efficiency is greatly improved;
      The first three-layer calorimeter was the first to use the compressor to accurately control
      the temperature, and the precision and stability of the test results were greatly improved;
    • 2000
      Invented the automatic industrial analyzer, replacing the traditional industrial analysis mode of “muffle furnace + oven”;
      Introduced a ash fusibility tester with a furnace temperature limit of 1600 °C;
    • 1999 The successful development of the Coulomb sulfur analyzer, the first to use the computer to replace the microcontroller control;
  • Wangyue Lake(1993-1997)▏Dreams are released from the rental house
    • 1996At the exchange meeting of chemical supervision of power plants from eight provinces in central and southern China,
      in lushan city of Jiangxi Province, the automatic calorimeter that does not need to weigh the water and the
      temperature of the water was introduced, which was the first to follow suit and promote the national output
      thermal instrument to enter the automation era.
    • 1994Applying asynchronous multi-control technology to the calorimeter greatly reduces the user’s acquisition cost;
    • 1993 Sundy was founded and launched the first generation of intelligent Chinese character calorimeter;