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SDIMF200 Intelligent Muffle Furnace


SDIMF200 ash & volatile matter tester can be used to determine ash and volatile content in coal, coke and other solid biomass fuels etc.

High speed temperature rising High precision temperature control
Electronic lock Stable operation
Sundy Sundy

Product description


1.Intelligent design, testing process is controllable
①Equipped with electronic lock, which can’t be opened during the testing process.
②All data about testing items, testing temperatures, testing time and furnace status can be recorded and uploaded to PC and displayed real time. The abnormal situation can be recorded during testing process.
③Up to 6 muffle furnaces can be controlled by one PC.
2.Multi testing mode available, slow ash, quick ash 1, quick ash 2, volatile matter, adhesion, Roga and Universal Test; Universal 1 test can set 6 temperature rise section, constant temperature point and the testing time. Universal 2 test can set sample introducing temperature, recover temperature, temperature recover time, temperature recover power and other parameters.
3.Superior heating element and insulating material. The housing temperature is close to room temperature. Homeothermy and homogeneity is superior to the international standard.
4.The instrument has alarm and power-off protection function against thermocouple counter-connection, thermocouple disconnection, and over-temperature & heating power open circuit.
5.Humanization Design, Easy Operation
①With LCD panel, multilevel menus setting, easy to operate;
②For volatile matter test, count up/down are available, easy to observe time and temperature.
③The furnace temperature can be displayed by temperature curve which can be used for observing the temperature of volatile matter, adhesion, Roga test.
④ Observation window and chimney switch take the anti-hot design, avoiding to be burned during the testing process





Temperature Control Range

Room temperature~1000℃

Temperature Control Precision


Temperature Resolution


Max. Power


Power Requirement

AC 220 V(-10%~10%),50/60 Hz

Main Body Dimensions


Furnace Dimension

298*203*121 mm



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