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SDCXS100 Calorific-Halogen Analyzer

SDCXS100 can be used to determine the calorific value, fluorine, chlorine, bromine and sulfur in solid and liquid combustible substance, such as solid and hazardous waste, coal, coke, petroleum oil, cement black meal, biomass fuels.All-in-one bomb calorimeter, halogen resistant oxygen bomb, automatic oxygen filling and discharging, automatic oxygen bomb washing, automatic solution collection – constant volume – dilution – storage – analysis, ion chromatography method to determine fluorine, chlorine, bromine and sulfur content
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Product description

Calorimeter /touch scrren

Calorimeter dimension:542mm*400mm*490mm

Calorimeter weight:54kg

Halogen module/computer

Halogen module dimension:492mm×430mm×780mm

Halogen module weight:50kg



1.Fully automatic docking of calorific value and halogen analysis, greatly improving test efficiency.

① Automatic oxygen filling and discharging, automatic pressure detection, automatic water volume determination, automatic water temperature adjustment, automatic oxygen bomb washing.

②Automatic absorption of solube vapors, automatic collection of absorbing solution, automatic quantification, automatic storage, automatic dilution, automatic ion chromatography analysis of halogen and sulfur content.


2.Rapid analysis with stable and accurate results.

①The water temperature in the bucket is automatically adjusted, and the test conditions of each sample are very close, which improves the consistency of the test results and ensures the long-term stability and accuracy of the instrument.

②Ion chromatography method eliminates the problem of mutual interference between different ions in the solution, and has low detection limit, high accuracy and good repeatability.

③The calorific value analysis time <7.5min, halogen and sulfur analysis time <35min. Autosampler automatically cache the absorbing solution in order, and the calorific value test efficiency is not affected by the halogen test efficiency.


3.All-in-one designed bomb calorimeter, integrated with a large touc-screen monitor, high environmental adaptability.

①Optimized calorific value analysis system, all-in-one design with touch-screen monitor, no external cooling water tank, easy operation.

②Dual thermoelectric cooler for cooling and heating, making the temperature control of jacket more precise and improving the environmental adaptability.


4.Stable and safe operation, open database can be connected to LIMS.

①The bomb calorimeter has the self-diagnostic function, and the system structure is clear, which is convenient for daily maintenance. Equipped with a unique tool to easily open and close the oxygen bomb.

②The halogen and sulfur analysis module is equipped with an autoloader with 30 sample positions, the collected solutions can be automatically backed up/cached, support sequential and non-sequential analysis, and can automatically calibrate ion chromatography sensors to reduce manual operations.

③Open database that can be connected to LIMS to automatically collect experimental data.


5.Good adaptability for solid and hazardous waste samples analysis.

①Halogen resistant oxygen bomb solves the problem of high corrosiveness of high halogen samples.

②Provide solutions for the analysis of samples with high volatility, high calorific value and high metal salt content, and solve the problem of easy damage to oxygen bombs, crucibles and other accessories.

③Customized combustion bags with stable calorific value to solve the problem of inconvenient testing of volatile and low calorific value samples.


Working principle diagram



Calorific value analysis
Sample mass: 0.05~1g
Analysis time: <7.5min
Temperature resolution: 0.0001℃
RSD: ≤0.10%
Heat Capacity Stability: ≤0.20% within 3 months
Haloge-sulfur analysis
Test method: Ion chromatography
Analysis time: <35min (washing – constant volume – dilution – storage – analysis)
Detection limit: F 4mg/kg、Cl 26mg/kg、Br 25mg/kg、S 7mg/kg
Autoloader: 30 samples
Max. Power: 0.75kW
Power supply: 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Standard HG/T 6116-2022 ,EN 14582:2016,GB/T 30727-2014,GB/T 213-2008,GB/T 384-1981,SN/T 4762-2017,SN/T 3185-2012,GB/T 37861-2019

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