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Starting From “1”, A New Start! Sundy “1” Series Analyzers Launch

On January 5, Sundy 2023 new product launch was held in the Sundy product experience center. The "1" series analyzers, including Bomb Calorimeter, Thermogravimetric Analyzer, Sulfur Analyzer, Ash Fusion Tester were brand new debut. The chairman of Sundy Mr. Zhu Xiande and other leaders and guests were invited to attend.

Sundy robotic sampling-sample preparation-analysis system helped Huangling Mining Industry Coal Gangue Power Generation Co., Ltd. win the first prize of national innovation achievement

Recently, "The Fifth National Equipment Management and Technology Innovation Achievement Exchange Conference" sponsored by the China Association of Plant Engineering was held in Wuhan. The "Research and Application of Unattended Intelligent Sampling-Sample Preparation-Analysis Equipment in Thermal Power Plants in the Whole-process Management and Control Technology of Materials" project led by Sundy’s user Huangling

Sundy won the 2022 Hunan Province Intellectual Property Strategy Special Project

Recently, the Administration for Market Regulation of Hunan Province released the list of the 2022 Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Strategy Special Projects, and Sundy's "Robotic Sample Preparation System and Intelligent Analysing System Intellectual Property Intensive Industry Cultivation Project" is on the list. △Screenshot of part of the official website from Administration

Sundy’s Project was selected into the National Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration List

Recently, The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the "List of Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Projects in 2021", and Sundy’s "Green and Low-Carbon Solutions for Fuel Refinement Control Based on Industrial Internet Platform" was successfully listed and selected for platform integration Innovation direction - Industrial Internet Platform + Green

Russian Introduction of Sundy

Компания Hunan Sundy Science and Technology Co., Ltd (г. Чанша, провинция Хунань, КНР). Компания Hunan Sundy, основанная в 1993 году, является ведущим поставщиком комплексных решений для анализа угля в Китае. Она предлагает широкий спектр решений: от отдельных механических пробоотборников, оборудования для пробоподготовки и аналитических приборов, до интеллектуальных систем управления топливом, интеллектуальной интегрированной

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