SDUAV100 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Stockpile-inventorying System

Sundy Sundy

Product description

Working Principle

The unmanned aerial vehicle is used as the measuring platform to carry a professional surveying and mapping camera with high resolution to automatically shoot the stockpile. After automatic image processing in the later stage, the three-dimensional model of the stockpile is reconstructed and the stockpile heap volume of the stock pile is accurately calculated.


System Configuration

Professional aerial photography unmanned aerial vehicle; Surveying and mapping level aerial photography system;ground station( ground station computer( Ipad), ground station surveying and mapping software); Data processing workstation.



①High precision of measurement: No blind area aerial photography features, combined with the 20 million pixel hd aerial photography system, as well as the high precision self-developed three-model modeling software, to ensure high precision stockpile inventorying.


②Stockpile-inventorying system: Automatic route planning, one-click takeoff, automatic operation, the whole data collection process is completed by the uav automatically.The software automatically completes the 3d modeling.


③High adaptability: SDUAV100S adopted industrial-grade structure design,waterproof and dustproof, can adapt to cloudy and rainy days, equipped with intelligent anti-collision system, can find the obstacles during flight and avoid automatically.



Model Time of endurance  

Anti-wind capability


physical pixel Measuring error Resolution


UAV weight Others
SDUAV100A 30 min 10 m/s 20 million < 0.5% 4 cm -35℃—50℃ 3.5 kg
SDUAV100S 38 min 12 m/s 20 million < 0.5% 2 cm


-35℃—50℃ 4.5 kg     •Can adapt to rainy weather; It is also equipped with a collision avoidance system•


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