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SDAC1500 Bomb Calorimeter


SDAC1500 can be used to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles such as coal, coke, petroleum oil, cement black raw meal, biomass fuels, solid wastes as well as building material.

Dimension: 542mm×400mm×490mm


  • Compactdesign, small footprint
  • Automatic oxygen filling and releasing
  • Automatic bomb washing
  • High efficiency, 7.5 min/sample
Sundy Sundy

Product description

Conformance to Standards

GB/T213-2008     Determination of calorific value of coal

GB/T384-1981     Petroleum products – Determination of heat of combustion

GB/T30727-2014   Determination of calorific value for solid biofuels

ASTM D5865-2019  Standard test method for gross calorific value of coal and coke

ASTM D240-2019   Standard test method for heat of combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuels by bomb calorimeter

ASTM D4809-2018  Standard test method for heat of combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuels by bomb calorimeter (Precision Method)

ISO 18125:2017     Solid biofuels — Determination of calorific value

ISO 9831:1998      Animal feeding stuffs, animal products, and faeces or urine — Determination of gross calorific value — Bomb calorimeter method

ISO 1716:2018      Reaction to fire tests for products — Determination of the gross heat of combustion (calorific value)

ISO 1928:2020     Coal and coke – Determination of gross calorific value

JC/T1005-2006     Determination of calorific value of cement black raw meal




Analysis Time: 7.5min

Temperature Resolution: 0.0001℃

Precision: ≤ 0.05% RSD (1g benzoic acid)

Jacket Type: Isoperibol

Heat Capacity Stability: ≤0.20% within three months

Power Supply: 220V±10%,50/60Hz, ≤0.5kW



1.Compact design, integrated touchscreen monitor, no external water tank, high space utilization.

Compact design, no external water tank, touchscreen operation, no need to connect to a desktop computer;

Dual semiconductor for temperature control, combined cooling and heating, precise temperature control of jacket, strong environmental adaptability.


2.Accurate, precise and stable test result

The temperature of the bucket is automatically controlled to ensure that the initial test conditions of each sample are close, which improves the consistency of the test results and ensures the stability and accuracy of the long-term use of the instrument.


3.High automation and test efficiency, automatic oxygen filling and releasing, automatic bomb washing,

Automatic oxygen filling and releasing, automatic oxygen pressure detection, automatic bucket water filling and temperature control, automatic bomb washing, and the experiment is automatically completed.

Unique bucket water circulation system can quickly and automatically set the volume, the stirring is stable and efficient, and the heat transfer speed of the oxygen bomb is fast, which effectively shortens the test time.

Special designed tool for oxygen bomb, easy to opening and closing.


4.Real and reliable test result


5.Reasonable structure, stable and safe operation.

Self-diagnosis function, convenient for daily maintenance;

Unique crucible bracket, easy to take and place.


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