The inauguration and housewarming ceremony of Sundy Changxing Industrial Park was held successfully

By Published On: January 14th, 2023

On January 11, 2023, the inauguration and housewarming ceremony of Sundy Changxing Industrial Park was held.Chairman Mr. Zhu Xiande, general manager Mr. Hu Pengfei, deputy general manager Mr. Zhou Zhiyong, deputy general manager and product director Mr. Zhu Qing and other middle and senior manager, manufacturing Department II, manufacturing Department I, quality department, purchasing department representatives were invited to attend, congratulates on the inauguration and housewarming ceremony of Sundy Changxing Industrial Park.

Video review of the housewarming ceremony

At 10:08 a.m., the housewarming ceremony officially began

Sundy Chairman’s speech

At the beginning of the ceremony, the chairman Mr. Zhu Xiande of Sundy delivered a speech. In his speech, on behalf of the company, he thanked the company and partners who provided services to Sundy and congratulated the manufacturing system colleagues! He said that the completion and use of the Sundy Changxing Industrial Park “coincided with the time”, which timely resolved the bottleneck of manufacturing delivery, providing a good hardware environment and venue support for automated product scale and market breakthroughs, as well as analytical instrument. Standard design and quality, just like our products, have strength and trustworthy! It is believed that the opening of the Sundy Changxing Industrial Park will drive Sundy to take advantage of the situation and go in. At the same time, he hopes that the manufacturing system will use the venue reasonably and transform the input into the continuous improvement of per capita output; products, marketing, and management platforms keep up with the company’s pace and continue to improve. Realize the size of gold content increase,become a long -term partner worthy of customer trust!

Chairman Mr. Zhu Xiande delivered a speech at the ceremony

Manufacturing department representatives speech

Mr Zhao Quanyan, Manager of manufacturing department, spoke on behalf of the manufacturing department. He said that the investment and use of Sundy Changxing Industrial Park can help the project team to complete the project implementation more efficiently and support the timely delivery of multiple projects. In the future, the manufacturing system will work together to continue to pursue faster, better, and better, actively improve and broaden skills; strive to keep up with the development needs of automation business, complete the delivery of orders in a timely and efficient manner; Strict control of the quality of each process,delivery expectations of customers with high standards!

Manufacturing department representative Mr Zhao Quanyan’s speech

Employee representatives speech

Mr Chen Yong, Employee representative of the manufacturing department. This year is the tenth year when he joined the Sundy. He has  witnessed the changes in the relocation of the Manufacturing department. He said that the first -class production environment of Sundy Changxing Industrial Park  has made everyone confident in the delivery of automated products! In the future work, everyone will work solidly, pioneer innovation, and continue to improve with a new posture and higher requirements. In the process of assembly process, the quality is strictly controlled and stable and reliable products are delivered!

Employee representative Mr Chen Yong’s speech

In the warm and happy atmosphere, The inauguration and housewarming ceremony of Sundy Changxing Industrial Park was held successfully!

Group photo at the ceremony

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Sundy, the manufacturing system officially settled in the Sundy Changxing Industrial Park, which ushered in a historic moment. The opening of the Sundy Changxing Industrial Park indicates that Sundy will open a new image!

Introduction of Sundy Changxing Industrial Park

Sundy Changxing Industrial Park is located in the northwest corner of the intersection of Changxing Road and Xulong Road in Gaoxin district Changsha city. The total area about 58 acres (58.464) and a total construction area is 52,000 ㎡.

The industrial park is constructed according to the production process of automated products to ensure the smooth and efficient process of procurement, production commissioning and transportation, and can support large orders and multi -project delivery at the same time. The production workshop is fully covered in the central air conditioner, and is equipped with an independent development of intelligent production control systems, which can understand the progress of workshop manufacturing in real time.

The new “Sundy Bull” appeared in Sundy Changxing Industrial Park

“Bull” is the incarnation of stubborn hard work.It is a firm conviction of cultivating and constantly upward. The triangle is the most stable shape; the triangle is also part of the Sundy logo. The “Sundy Bull” gathered by countless triangles symbolize struggling to sail together, and constantly aggressive vitality and creativity.

More  Pictures of the ceremony




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