Sundy was awarded the “service -oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise”

By Published On: December 14th, 2022

Recently, the Industry and Information Technology Department of Hunan Province announced the list of fourth service -oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise,becoming one of only 6 enterprises in Hunan Province. Inside the first national “service -oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise”. This is another national honor received by Sundy in 2022 after being awarded the “Green Design Demonstration Enterprise of Industrial Products” and Professional, refined, specialized, novelty”Little Giant”.

Service -oriented manufacturing is a new manufacturing model and industrial form for the integration of manufacturing and service. It is an important direction for the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. In recent years, China has vigorously promoted the development of service -oriented manufacturing. In 2017, 2018, and 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology carried out three batches of service -oriented demonstration selection. Through the selection of service -oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises and platforms, the focus of enterprise production and operation has been strongly transformed to manufacturing and service links. According to the selection conditions, the demonstration enterprise should be a manufacturing enterprise with distinctive service -oriented manufacturing characteristics. Enterprises should transform and upgrade in service -oriented manufacturing through strategic planning, organizational guarantee, technological innovation, process reconstruction, market expansion, talent training and other measures,and obtain significant results. Sundy is a leading enterprise specializing in integrated services such as coal, coke and other solid combustion material in analysis and testing, and provides high -energy -consuming enterprises with fuel intelligent low -carbonized control and one-stop service for the whole life cycle. After 30 years’development, Sundy has transformed from coal and coke analysis equipment manufacturers to a comprehensive total solution service provider as a typical characteristic of research and development, production, manufacturing, general integration general contracting, commissioning training, and after -sales operation and maintenance.

▲ The Renderings of unmanned management and control solutions of the whole process of Sampling-Sample

Sundy follows the development trend of the industry and the changes in customer demand. Through technological innovation and product line extension expansion, organizational management capabilities and process reconstruction, the leading product research and development, customized and integrated service capabilities has been formed. Digital and information systems, comprehensively empower the company’s service transformation. Gradually increase the comprehensive total solutions such as personalized customization services, operation and maintenance services, solution services, EPC traffic key services, and remote operation and maintenance services, and continuously meet the diversified development of customer needs, and  grow to Long -term partner worthy of customer dependence. As of now, Sundy has provided more than 200 fuel intelligent service projects for high -energy -consuming customers such as electric power, coal, metallurgy, chemicals, cement, etc., has won widespread praise from customers.

▲ Real shot of SDIAS intelligent analysing system

▲ Shot of Sundy intelligent system

The successful selection is a high recognition of the achievements of Sundy service -oriented manufacturing. In the future, Sundy will give full play to the leading role of service -oriented demonstration enterprises, continue to accelerate the development of new service manufacturing new formats and new modes, explore the in -depth integration of serviceization and greening, intelligence, high -end, and digitalization. Innovative technology and products of demand, improve the level of intelligence and information services, and play a greater force for the quality and efficiency improvement and transformation-upgrading of the manufacturing industry!

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