Two sets of SDIAS Intelligent Analysing System formally put into operation in Shanxi Gemeng International

By Published On: March 26th, 2021


Recently, Two sets of SDIAS2000 Intelligent Analysing System that constructed by SUNDY have been formally and successfully put into operation at Huaguang Power Plant and Hongguang Power Plant of Shanxi Gemeng International Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GMIE”).

Location shooting of SUNDY SDIAS2000 Intelligent Analysing System at Huaguang Power Plant of Shanxi Gemeng International Energy Co., Ltd.

Location shooting of SUNDY SDIAS2000 Intelligent Analysing System at Hongguang Power Plant of Shanxi Gemeng International Energy Co., Ltd.

This project is the last link in the Fuel Intelligence Construction of GMIE -the coal automated analysis system construction project, which was launched in the second half of 2020. It aims to realize the automation/unmanned operation of the entire process of coal testing in power plants, reduce costs and improve efficiency for enterprise.

As a supplier of instruments and automation/unmanned systems for customers, SUNDY has independent R&D, manufacturing, sales, implementation, operation and maintenance capabilities, and is a long-term partner that customers can trust. The product SDIAS series Intelligent Analysing System has obvious features such as automation and visualization, and the crucible can be automatically cleaned, which can truly realize unattended operation and unmanned intervention. It can automatically complete the analysis of 60 samples within 8 hours, including calorific value, analysis moisture, ash, volatile matter and total sulfur. with strong adaptability of coal type/moisture content , fully meet the customers’ demand.

After various comparisons, communication and inspections by GMIE, SUNDY finally won the coal quality Intelligent Analysing System construction tenders of Huaguang Power Plant, Hongguang Power Plant, and Luguang Power Plant (under production). These projects means that the professional and leading ability of SUNDY’s automation/unmanned system has been recognized once again by the market. Among them, the intelligent fuel management and control system, sampling system (truck/belt), all-pass sample preparation system, pneumatic transmission system, and automatic sample storage cabinet system of Hongguang Power Plant are also supplied by SUNDY.


GMIE is the largest attract investment project in power industry in China so far, and it is also the largest JV project in Shanxi Province. The company was approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and was established by Shanxi International Energy Group Co., Ltd., Korea Electric Power Corporation, and Deutsche Bank in accordance with the strategic deployment of Shanxi Province to “bring in and go out”. The company started the construction of intelligent fuels in 2018. At present, all the projects undertaken by SUNDY are progressing step by step and smoothly and orderly.

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