Anindya Vitenam got laboratory accreditation certification with Sundy products

By Published On: March 6th, 2021

Recently, Our customer Anindya Vitenam company limited has been granted the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation certificate, which is a key step for its official operation.Through detailed communication in the early stage, Sundy Technology (300515.SZ) provided the full solution of sample preparation equipments and analysis instruments for their laboratory., Even though the delivery time was tight and the installation and commissioning task was heavy under the situation of COVID-19. However, with the active cooperation of the owner and the overtime work of the production department and service engineers, Sundy Technology  successfully completed the delivery on time.The successful implementation of this project lays a good foundation for Sundy Technology to deeply understand the local actual demand and further develop the Vietnam market.


Accreditation certificate


Anindya Vitenam company limited is subsidiary company of PT. Anindya Wiraputra Konsult (ANINDYA)., initially established in Bandung City in August 1982, is an independent surveying company, providing quality and quantity superintending service for coal-related industry, minerals, marine survey as well as oil and gas sectors.To ensure clients satisfaction, PT. Anindya Wiraputra Konsult (ANINDYA) deliver their service in an accurate, professional and timely manners, their service network of branches, laboratories and offices are all over the Indonesia.


Sundy technology in June 2020 bid in Anindya Vitenam company limited laboratory project to provide calorimeter,elemental analyzer,sulfur analyzer , ash fusion tester, such as a full set of coal analysis and testing equipment with the sample preparation equipment. At the end of Oct 2020, Sundy technology (arrangements for professional and technical personnel to the labor for the installation and commissioning of the above equipment; after nearly ten days of intense work,the batch of equipment to complete the commissioning and acceptance of qualified shipped during this period. Up to now, all instruments are stable.

空值   Sundy Blast drying oven SDDH323 and Muffle furnace SDMF300 in Anindya Vitenam laboratory


 Sundy Calorimeter SDC715 in Anindya Vitenam laboratory

  Sundy SDCHN536、SDS720 and SDAF105b  in Anindya Vitenam laboratory

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