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By Published On: February 18th, 2021

On July 3, the completion ceremony of the project was launched in the province of SAHIWAL, Punjab in the eastern part of Pakistan, marking the first large-scale energy project in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to be fully completed and put into operation. As a leading provider of equipment and solutions for the field of fuel management in China’s thermal power industry, Sundy Technology (300515.SZ) provides a full range of coal quality testing equipment for the project to serve the fuel management of Pakistan’s Sahiwa coal-fired power plant.

(SAHIWAL coal – fired power plant project)

    The SAHIWAL coal-fired power plant project is one of the key projects in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Priority Implementation Project and the “B&R” initiative. The total installed capacity of the project is 1.32 million kilowatts, which is a supercritical coal-fired generating unit, which is jointly invested by China Huaneng Shandong Power Generation Co., Ltd. and Shandong Ruyi Holding Group. According to the People’s Daily reported that the power plant from the start to the completion of the construction of less than two years, creating a new record of the same type of construction units in China, the Pakistani government as “Pakistan power construction miracle.” Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Minister of the State Energy Administration of the People’s Republic of China, Chairman of the China National Energy Board Noor Bakley, Chairman of the Huaneng Group and Secretary of the Party Group Cao Peixi, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong, Chairman of Shandong Ruyi Holding Group Qiu Yafu, Completion ceremony.

(The INAUGURAL ceremony of the construction of the SAHIWAL coal-fired power Project)

    Sundy technology (300515.SZ) in September 2016, bid in Pakistan Sahiwa Er 2 × 660MW coal-fired power plant engineering chemical laboratory project for the power station to provide calorimeter, infrared hydrogen, sulfur analyzer, industrial analyzer , Ash fusion tester, such as a full set of coal analysis and testing equipment. At the end of April 2017, Sundy technology (300515.SZ) arrangements for professional and technical personnel to the power plant for the installation and commissioning of the above equipment; after more than ten days of intense work, to May 12, the batch of equipment to complete the commissioning and acceptance of qualified Shipped During this period, Sundy technology (300515.SZ) technical staff of the customer’s laboratory personnel were carefully trained. Up to now, all instruments are stable.

(Staff of the power plant lab and SDTGA5000a industrial analyzer)

(The power plant laborer operating SDS series Coulomb sulfur analyzer)

(The power plant laboratory operating the SDTGA200 Ash&Volatile Matter Tester)

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