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SDFCS Coal quality data management system

Mainly applicable for the Coal quality data management in the field of thermal power, coal, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, etc.
Automatic & real-time coal quality data collection, storage and transmission by the system.
General data collection software with good compatibility is adopted.
Product description

① Automatic & real-time coal quality data collection, storage and transmission by the system, manual intervention can be avoided and the primitiveness and authenticity of the data can be guaranteed efficiently.
② General data collection software with good compatibility is adopted, which can realize data collection and transmission between different manufacturers and different types of instruments.
③ Provided data interface matched with MIS system and capable of seamless connection with the user unit management system (such as ERP, OA, etc.) to enhance the coal quality management level.
④ Applicable in remote management platform to realize query, report, data statistics and other functions on personal computers without installing software and with easy extension, maintenance and high speed data transmission.
⑤ Free management permissions according to the needs to realize the stratified management of coal quality data and guarantee the standardization and network of the data management.
⑥ Capable of powerful data storage & processing power, according to needs to query, collect, generate, print statements and analyze corresponding statistical within administrative authority.
⑦ Capable of experts check function, automatic test data rationality checks and abnormal data reminder, timely problem discovering and dealing.
⑧ Convenient system data record, bar code generation and reading supported, automatic balance data reading supported to avoid manual input error.

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