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SDSS All-pass sampling system

All-pass sampling system can be widely used for bulk sample mechanical automation collection of wagon receiving coal and minerals in electric power, steel, coking, coal, chemical, cement,
Insert and vibrating sampling method with little resistance. No blocking, no moisture limit.
Mouth type design, coal will not be splashed and leaked to ensure the completeness.
Product description

No matter what kind of sampling head (auger type, claw type, cylinder type) or sampling method (full section, non-whole section) is adopted, according to the practice, wagon/train mechanical automatic sampler can realize barrier-free sample collection. But because of the limits of the crushing system, traditional sampler has the common problem of "can finish sampling but can't finish sample preparation". By using Sundy original umbrella spinTM technology, all-pass sampling system completely solves the problems of "blockage" and "stuck" in the process of sampling, and the system itself is not restricted by moisture and is all-pass operation.

All-pass sampling system includes truck sampling system, train bridge/portal sampling system, belt sampling system (Cross belt/ Falling stream), so its design, manufacturing and performance is in line with standards. Based on jobsite situation and different customized needs, Sundy can provide "one-to-one" professional products consulting and re-design service to meet the customer needs to the maximum extent.

Key parts
1.Sampling device

Sampling device is the key part of truck/train sampler. Reasonable design for sampling device can affect the performance of whole sampler. Sundy provides cylinder type sampling head and auger type sampling head. It is worth to mention that cylinder type sampling head is specially designed by Sundy with patent.
A.Cylinder type sampling head

①Insert and vibrating sampling method with little resistance. No blocking, no moisture limit and suitable for wet coal.
②No adhesion, discarding sample totally, no blending.
③Mouth type design, coal will not be splashed and leaked to ensure the completeness and representativeness of increment.
B.Auger type sampling head

①Common sampling head, single point full-section sampling can be realized.
②Auger with crushing function, big particle size sample can be crushed.
③With primary dividing function.
2.Wet coal crusher with “ Umbrella Spins” TM
At present, all the sampler system with sample preparation equipment in the market can only work under some conditions like coal type and certain moisture level so that they can ’t resolve the problem of adhesion of wet coal. Stuck and blockage appears and the system is not stable. Sometimes the whole system will stop working to rely on manual handling. Then management risk by manual handling can’t be avoided.
SD all-pass sampling system could automatically sense and judge the material crushing and processing situation in the crushing cavity, and based on this, control the feeding speed by frequency conversion to realize the linkage and matching with crushing capacity. At the same time, the system adopted the hammer crushing structure with strong crushing capability and equipped the unique separate-slot type crushing sieve screen and hammer head, the efficiency of crushing and discharging is improved and “stuck” due to overfeeding beyond crusher ability is avoided, to minimize the sample residue.
Truck/Train/Belt sampler system features
①High adaptability for coal types and moisture level
②Good sample representativeness
③High automation, high sampling efficiency
④Stable system, easy operation and maintenance
⑤Convenient data management
Main technical parameters





Structure Mode

Truck bridge

Train bridge

Cross Belt

 Sampling Method



Scraping &sweeping

Sampling time

≤60s/per point

≤60s/per point

2-60min Adjustable interval

Sampling head route




Total weight




Sampler quantity

 5-40kg(can be set according to customer requirement)

Control mode


Adaptable moisture

Anthracite12% Bituminous20%  Lignite40%

Sampling granularity


Crushing granularity

≤6mm or ≤13mm

Crushing output

3.5 tons/hour

Dividing ratio


Number of sample collectionpot


Pot replacement
control method

PLC  Control

It is optional to equip sample dividing and collecting device with bottom door openable to connect sample
preparation system nearby.



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