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SDLOI1000 Loss on Ignition Analyzer


SDLOI1000 can be used to determine the LOI,moisture and ash of solid samples.Including moisture and ash analysis of solid fuel/hazardous waste, analysis of LOI of slag, thermogravimetric analysis of sludge drying process, etc.

Use for determining the LOI, moisture and ash, built-in balance, automatic testing, large crucible capacity, high representative
Sundy Sundy

Product description


①Automatic lid opening/closing, automatic weighing,automatic testing.

②User can select different configurations to achieve a variety of thermal index analysis,such as moisture, ash, loss on ignition,carbon content of fly ash/ash, etc.

③Support standard test methods to obtain the test results directly,user-defined test methods are also available.

④Intelligent thermogravimetric analysis judgement are supported. The sample analysis can be completed intelligently through the weight change of samples in the testing process, which can shorten the analysis time and improve the work efficiency.



Description SDLOI1000
Sample Weight 0.5~50g(Custom)
Sample Quantity per batch 10
Balance Resolution 0.0001g
Furnace temperature Room temperature~1000℃
Temperature control precision ±2℃
Max.power 4kW
Power AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz

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