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SDFCl1000 Fluorine & Chlorine Analyzer


SDFCl1000 fluorine and chlorine analyzer can be used to determine the fluorine and chlorine content in coal and other combustible materials.

Sundy Sundy

Product description


①Fluorine and chlorine test results can be obtained in single sample testing.

②The core instruments of the test include high temperature hydrolysis collector, fluoride ion meter,titrator. High temperature hydrolysis sample collection and test solution analysis equipment are independent, customers can choose according to the needs of individual or combination..

③Equipped with condensation system, no need to be close to the water source, water consumption is effectively saved.



Description SDFCl1000
Test range Fluorine: 10ppm〜2000ppm
Chlorine: 30ppm〜3000ppm
Test time Including calibration of electrode parameters, sample decomposition and collection, titration and clearning.
Calibration of electrode  Available to calibrate when decomposing the parameters first batch of samples and not calculated to total analysis time. Not necessary to calibrate each day, calibration be proceeded after long-time test. If electrode is not used for long   time, calibration is also needed.
Decomposition 30min approximately
Titration 5min approximately for fluorine;10min approximately for chlorine
Sample weight 0.5g
Temperature control precision 1100±5℃
Max power 4kW
Uncertainty Within uncertain region of standard sample
Standards Fluorine:GB/T 4633, ASTM D5987, ISO 11724, AS 1038.10.4
Chlorine:GB/T 3558, ASTM D6721, ISO 587, SN/T 3596

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